Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry
Flatpack shoeboxes, information leaflets and an ideas list are available to pick up from the Vestibule &
May Street entrance.
50p per box
would be appreciated.
Shoeboxes can be returned to the Church up to and including Sunday 17 November.
Alternatively call into our
Collection Centre open
Thursday 14th and Friday 15th November from 10 AM to 4 PM or Saturday 16th November
10 AM to 1 PM and
have a cuppa with us.
The Boys Brigade
Old Boys Union
Meet every third
Monday of the month.
In Grounded Room.
New members welcome.
Election of New Elders
The congregation is to be asked to elect up to four new elders.
In preparation for this the voters’ list in now available for viewing.
Should any member of the congregation who claims to be a voting member desire to make an objection regarding any name on the list, or omitted from the list, he/she shall lodge her/his objections, with his/her reasons in writing, with the Moderator of Kirk Session, or Clerk of Session) within a week of the first publication of the list.
Those eligible to vote:
Voting members in the Church are communicants on the roll of the congregation who are listed, as having contributed to the weekly freewill offering of the congregation in the last financial year.
(2) In addition to those so listed the following shall also be qualified, if themselves communicants on the roll –
(a) A wife shall be qualified on a husband’s contribution, and vice versa, where both are communicants. This shall also apply should the contributor himself or herself not be a communicant. If neither husband nor wife in such circumstances is a communicant, then their contribution shall qualify the eldest child, residing in the family, who is on the communicants’ roll.
(b) Should a contributor, who is not a communicant, be a member of a family residing together, then his contribution shall qualify the eldest member residing in the family who is on the communicants’ roll.
(c) Those who have been added to the communicants’ roll of the congregation since the close of the last financial year, upon confirmation by the treasurer that they have contributed during the current year, shall also be qualified voters.
Timetable of Election
Voters list published: Sunday 28th October to Sunday 3rd November
Duties and Qualifications of the eldership: Sunday 10, 17 & 24th Nov
Voting: Sunday 1st & 8th Dec
Reading the list of elders elect: 15th & 22 Dec.
Congregational Meeting: Sunday 12th January 2020
To Compassion Sponsorship Supporters
Since 2014, sponsorship rate of £25 a month has remained unchanged. But the reality is that prices on the ground have not. It simply costs more to provide the programme than it did five years ago.
Therefore, from 1st of April 2020, we will be raising the sponsorship rate by £3 per month, from £25 to £28, for all existing sponsors.
You don’t need to do anything at this stage, as Compassion will be sending a communication to all supporters at the end of November, explaining the change and giving those who can’t afford the increase a chance to contact us and discuss options.
God bless you and thank you for your continued support for Compassion. We are incredibly grateful.