The Rock

ROCK activity 10th May2020
Before David ever became King of Israel he was just a shepherd boy looking after his fathers sheep. Out there on the hills he would face many dangers from bears and lions. But God was with him and helped him overcome his fear.
During this time we might feel afraid not knowing how things will turn out. But the same God who was with David is with us as well. We can trust Him to keep us strong whatever we face. He is the good shepherd who cares for His sheep and us.
Here is an activity for you. Look up Psalm 23 and see how God is our good shepherd.
Hope you have a great week.

Click on the picture below to see the story of how God was with David throughout his life.

Here is a great little song you can sing-a-long with just click on the picture below.


Time: Sunday 11:30am

Location : Ebrington Church Halls

The ROCK offers children of Primary School age the opportunity to learn about Jesus. 

The Service starts at 11.30am and the children leave the service at 11:45 with their leaders and finish at 12.30pm.

Children are taught the Bible using stories, activities and games. A snack is provided.

Throughout the year we have a number of family services in the church. Sometimes the ROCK takes part in these.

The children who come to the ROCK are valued and loved and are an important part of the whole church.

If you or someone you know have children of this age, we would like to extend them a warm welcome. 

We look forward to meeting you!