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This week’s “Thought” is written by Geraldine and I thank her for this prayerful meditation. This will be the last post for a while, at least. Liz is our new PW Leader and I wish her and her committee every blessing as they seek to lead us into the future in these uncertain days of Coronavirus. Of one thing we can be sure: God is sovereign and He is in control. He knows what lies ahead for us and we thank Him for His constant love and protection.

Try doing THIS for the first five minutes of your day

“In the morning Lord you hear my voice” Psalm 5:3

When you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing you do? Grab your phone and scroll through your messages, texts, emails check the news?

These first five minutes can set the mood for the day

How do your choices during that time make you feel?

Stressed, anxious, like you’re falling behind even before you’re out of bed.

What if you invited God to speak into your day first?

Tomorrow before you do anything else

1.Pray a simple prayer

Heavenly Father please provide for my family needs today. But please give me more than food Lord. Please speak to me through your word and help me to hear your voice.

2.Read or listen to “a verse of the day “noting everything that stands out e.g.

Dear friends let us love one another for love come from God, everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

John 4:7

3.Think about how you apply that to your life, what God shows you

4.To Finish

Pray again e.g

Father thank you for your perfect love please show me ways I can begin to know you better

Please show me what you want me to do

Help me to love people the way you do

Please show me what you want me to do next

Thank-you Lord


Here is a link about Morning Prayer:

Take care and stay safe.


PW encourages women to become disciples of Christ and has been supporting mission in the Presbyterian Church both at home and overseas for over 140 years.

We welcome women of all ages from within and outside our congregation.

PW offers fellowship, friendship, encouragement and support through our programme of events – you are assured of a warm welcome at our meetings.

We meet once a month from September to April on Monday evenings at 7.45 PM do come and join us –

Ebrington has had a Ministry to Women for over 90 years.  During that time it has evolved from being a purely Overseas Missionary Organisation to be one with a Ministry to Women in every place including those in our own neighbourhood.

The latest phrase in this evolution occurred in May 2008 when ‘Presbyterian Women” was launched. At that time the General Secretary, Caroline Hawthorne said; “We must seek to fulfil the Great Commission, both locally and globally. We must see our local communities as mission fields, just as much as we do with countries further afield.”