Classy Lassies

“Aline has been busy making these beautiful baby items for us to sell through Classy Lassies. All money raised from sales of our stock goes to good causes. If you have been crafting (for yourself or stock) why not send us a picture!”
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Classy Lassies             29th June 2020

This week’s “Thought” for Classy Lassies has been written by Purity Koima-Kibet. We met Purity through knowing Bill and Rosemary Rettie and she has actually worshiped with us at Ebrington whenever she was visiting. This is going to be our last post in the meantime; many thanks to Purity for allowing me to share her writing.

Is Anything Too Hard?

This message came to Jeremiah from the Lord: “I am the Lord, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?”Jeremiah 32:26-27

Have you lived with a difficult situation that remained unchanged no matter how fervently you prayed? If so, you may have begun to doubt God’s ability to intervene. Have you wondered if your problems were beyond God’s power to help your difficult marriage? out-of -control finances? failing health? a wayward child? God’s Word to Jeremiah is a powerful declaration of who God is and what he is able to do. He is the one true God, the sovereign ruler over all the earth. The rhetorical question “Is anything too hard for me?” is actually a statement of God’s supreme power in all circumstances. If anything were too difficult for him, he would not be God. If God is not sovereign over all, he is not sovereign at all!

Because nothing is too hard for God, we can rest assured that nothing in our lives is outside of God’s purposeful control. We may not understand why God hasn’t answered our prayers as we wish, but we do know that greater difficulties are opportunities to draw closer to him. We can have peace in all circumstances when we have absolute confidence that nothing is too hard for God.

My prayer today:

THANK YOU, LORD, that nothing in my life is beyond your reach; nothing is too large or difficult for your powerful hand. Help me to remember that you display your power best in my impossible situations. Give me greater understanding of who you are so that my trust in you will be complete.


Thank you for taking time to read this. I hope you will find comfort in the message that nothing is too hard for God. Take care and stay safe.

Here is a link to a beautiful hymn: “Is Anything too Hard for God?”


Classy Lassies – Caring through Craft

Classy Lassies is a group for women of all ages with an interest in crafts of any kind. Just bring along whatever you are working on and join in. Perhaps you would like to learn a new craft -there is usually someone available to help you or just call in for a chat and a cuppa.

Classy Lassies meets on a Monday evening from 7.00 PM till 9.30 PM, except the first Monday in the month. You don’t need to belong to Ebrington Church we welcome ladies of all faiths or none.

We provide tea/coffee and a biscuit. A voluntary subscription of £1 goes towards the cost of heat and light and supports good causes and charities that our members are interested in. Come and join us – no woman in our Church or community need ever be lonely on a Monday evening.