Ebrington Christmas Cards
Orders can now be placed for Christmas cards, with original artwork by Mr Mervyn Wray.
The Christmas Cards are in packs of 12 Cards costing £5.
Orders to be in by
Sunday 28th October
and can be given to:
Mrs Frances Anderson, Mr David Baxter, Mr Uel Harvey, Mr Chris McElwee, Mrs Avril Wilson and Mr Mervyn Wray.
All proceeds in aid of the Missionary Support Fund.
Harvest Appeal
This year the donations made through the Harvest Appeal envelope will go to the denomination’s United Appeal. This supports training, mission (local and overseas), caring and counselling.
Please use the envelopes provided and place in the collection plate
as soon possible .
Thank you
for your generosity.
St. Johnston Presbyterian Church
invite you to a
Vintage & Scale Model Display
Cakes & Craft Stalls
Saturday 27 October
11 AM to 5 PM
In Lecture Hall
Admission €5
(per adult & includes tea)


Operation Christmas Child- Shoebox Appeal
Flat pack shoeboxes and leaflets are available at the Vestibule and the May Street door until Sunday 11 November.
Please drop 50p in the jar for a shoebox.
The last date to return your box is Sunday 18 November.
Thank you
Ebrington Collection Centre for Shoeboxes
This year the halls will again be used as a Collection Centre for local schools, playgroups, churches and businesses.
Opening Hours
Monday 12 to Friday 16 Nov.
Each day from 10am to 4pm.
If you can help in the Collection centre please speak to Shirley Torrens or simply
call in for a cuppa.
The last date to return your shoebox is Sunday 18th Nov.
If you have any leftovers – such as a facecloth, bar of soap or toothbrush from a multipack purchase. There will be baskets at the doors to collect these items and they will be used to fill other boxes.
Disabled Christian Fellowship
The DCF meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month (September to June) in the Baptist Church, Richill Park at 3 PM. We welcome all who have a disability or those more senior members of the community. The charity enjoys times of fellowship, friendship and outings. Transport to and from our services can be arranged. We are seeking new members and helpers to join us. If you can help please speak to Anne Boyd or Ruby Millar.



Gift Aid: What is it?

Gift Aid is an income tax relief which increases the value of your donations by 25% because the Church can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift aid at no extra cost to you.

How do I give?

All you need to do is fill out a Gift Aid Declaration form. This is a statement confirming that you want to donate through Gift Aid and the Church will receive tax back on your donation.

Gift Aid Declaration forms can be requested through the Gift Aid Secretary (Miss Kathleen McConnell) or your elder.

Am I eligible for Gift Aid?

For the Church to claim Gift Aid on your donation you must first have paid UK Income or Capital Gains

Tax in that financial year. Please note from April 2017 the income tax personal allowance has increased

to £11,500 (£11,000 in 2016). If your income is below £11,500 you will no longer be able to claim Gift

Aid on eligible donations.