United (Waterside Presbyterian Churches)
Evening Service
on Sunday 26 August
will be held in Ebrington
at 6.00 PM.
(Change of venue)
We join with friends from Kilfennan, Glendermott & Waterside Churches
for a service of worship
as we look to God for the coming years work.
Week of Prayer
We seek God’s guidance and blessing upon the years work as we meet for prayer on Mon 3rd to Thurs 6th September
An evening of Scottish dancing, fun and food is planned for Saturday 15th Sept evening.
Donations at door.
Proceeds to Building Funds
Further information to follow

Gift Aid: What is it?

Gift Aid is an income tax relief which increases the value of your donations by 25% because the Church can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift aid at no extra cost to you.

How do I give?

All you need to do is fill out a Gift Aid Declaration form. This is a statement confirming that you want to donate through Gift Aid and the Church will receive tax back on your donation.

Gift Aid Declaration forms can be requested through the Gift Aid Secretary (Miss Kathleen McConnell) or your elder.

Am I eligible for Gift Aid?

For the Church to claim Gift Aid on your donation you must first have paid UK Income or Capital Gains

Tax in that financial year. Please note from April 2017 the income tax personal allowance has increased

to £11,500 (£11,000 in 2016). If your income is below £11,500 you will no longer be able to claim Gift

Aid on eligible donations.



Once Upon an Egg

by Roy Porter


Once upon an Egg is the story of a memory that took my wife Anne and I on a journey to Switzerland in order to become part of a ministry that would see thousands of children and young people and indeed many adults come to faith in Christ. The egg was Anne’s memory; the ministry came about as a direct call to me from God. The book not only tells of our role in this ministry, but it also tells how our family became involved. The book is written as an encouragement to other Christians in ministry, and most importantly to the Glory of God.

Also “Released”, his second book, is the life story of the author. It tells of a secular and spiritual journey during which the reader will find religion and romance, history and humour, grief and gladness. But above all, the book tells of the privilege of knowing a God whose faithfulness is revealed in His release of salvation, grace and protection to the life and lives of all featured within its pages. It is to that God, the sovereign Lord, that the author gives all the praise and the glory.


Roy Porter was formerly an engineering supervisor with a large American synthetic fibre company who resigned to become a missionary with a children’s missionary organisation. He along with his wife Anne, also a director, ministered to children and teenagers in Northern Ireland and in the Isle of Man. Now retired, Roy is the author of children’s short stories and Christian novels and devotionals.

Roy Porter

I am pricing at £3 (minimum ), postage free

To purchase contact Roy at:-